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GIBT prevents, cures and rehabilitates psycho-somatic illnesses by helping people gain self-control over their thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviours.

Do you have Psychological Problems ?

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To remove the Psychological Problems from your Psyche.Are you Mentally Healthy ?

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To boost your Mental Health.


Management of Inferiority or Superiority  helps replacing it with a healthy, realistic and positive appraisal of "self" and "others".
Management of Anger helps in gaining Psycho-Neuro-Muscular-Endocrinal self-control over the unhealthy expression of Anger on "self" and "others."
Management of Anxiety helps relieve oneself of Unrealistic and Exaggerated Anxiety towards specific situations, places, things and / beings or persons.
Management of of Sleep helps in improving the quality and duration of sleep.
Management of Allergies helps extinguish allergies towards various foods, chemicals, odours and metals.
Management of Sexual Deviations helps save persons from various Sexual Deviations and resume a normal, healthy socially acceptable sexual behaviour.
Pre-Marital Counselling helps Young men and women to be better prepared for enjoying a well adjusted Marital life.
Marital Counselling strengthensthe emotional bondage between couples.
Pet Management helps manage the pets with ease and enjoy the relationship with them.
Child Development Techniques helps in the successful and healthy development of children and young adults.
Management of Elderly can be done with ease and joy leading to pleasant experience by the Elderly and the Care-Givers.
Management of the Chronically Ill helps on mutually comforting life experiences and a healthy relationship.
Management of Sexual Dysfunctions helps save males and females from various sexual dysfunctions.

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